10 Healthy Recipes for the 4th of July

10 healthy recipes for the 4th of july

I can clearly remember my first 4th of July. It was last year, 2016, in the seaside town of Wilmington, North Carolina. The Chirpy Crew were watching fireworks on the beach.

We brought our own little sparklers, which took forever to light up because it was so windy on the beach. We drove around with our windows rolled down, listening to classic American songs.

I can’t even remember what we ate that day, but what I do know is this…

Food is such a big part of this holiday. You get together, you eat food, you might go swimming, you eat food, you watch fireworks, and then you eat some more food.

I’ll be spending my second official 4th of July in upstate New York this year, while the rest of the crew are freezing their butts off back in South Africa. If you’re like me, then you might need some healthy inspiration for this holiday.

So here are my top picks – 10 Healthy Recipes for the 4th of July…

1. Lemon, Lime, and Mint Water

lemon lime and mint water healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

It’s July. It’s boiling hot. You’re going to need something to drink. Usually the 4th of July drink of choice is beer, but if you’re trying to avoid it, you’ll need some yummy alternatives.

Even though I love plain old water dearly, when I’m feeling festive I definitely need a little more flavor! This light, minty lemon/lime-ade is the perfect refreshing drink for the blistering heat!

2. Spicy Tomato Toasted Almonds

spicy tomato toasted almonds healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

These delicious nuts are the perfect food to eat while you’re waiting around for your other food to get prepared. I love nuts with spices on them, but they usually contain a load of preservatives and sugars.

These spicy tomato toasted almonds are a healthy alternative that your family and friends will looove snacking on!

3. Ham and Cucumber Mustard Rolls

Ham Mustard Cucumber Rolls healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

Another delicious appetizer to prep you for the grilling and BBQ that is to come. Refreshing.

Like I mentioned before, you need food while you’re waiting for your other food. These delicious cucumber rolls are light and refreshing, the perfect appetizer for your 4th of July barbecue.

They’re quick and easy to make, and not too heavy on the stomach. You’ll need the space for all the other stuff you’re going to be eating.

4. Firework Fruit Kabobs

firework fruit kabobs healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

It’s been scientifically proven that fruit cut up into shapes tastes better than regular fruit. Just kidding. But in my experience, food tends to taste better when it looks better!

So get your cookie cutter shapes out and make some cute and healthy firework kabobs for all the kids (and adults too!)

5. Grilled Buffalo Wings

grilled buffalo wings healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

These chicken wings are inspired by one of our favorite South African restaurants – Spur. They’re absolutely amazing, and would most certainly be a hit at any 4th of July party.

Just a few simple ingredients are used to make the spicy sauce that transform these chicken wings from plain to insanely delicious.

6. Bunless Burgers with Caramelized Balsamic Onions and Avocado

unless burgers with caramelized balsamic onions avocado healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

Who says you have to skip burgers if you’re trying to be healthy for this holiday? I don’t think the 4th of July would be complete without this American classic – the burger.

Caramelized onions and avocado? Yes, please! Who needs buns, anyway? Not me.

7. Hotdogs In Sweet Potato Buns

hotdogs in sweet potato buns healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

People sure can get creative when they’re on a healthy eating plan. Sweet potato as an alternative to hotdog buns is definitely not common, and maybe not as easy to eat with your hands.

However, the flavor of sweet potatoes goes really well with your typical hotdog flavors. Who would have known?

8. Tomato Cucumber Salad

Tomato Cucumber Salad healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

Of course you need a refreshing side salad as well. Something simple, yet tasty. Tomatoes and cucumbers (and some olive oil, onions, and spices) are all you need.

If you make it a few hours ahead, it’ll allow all the tasty juices to intensify the flavor. Hmmm…

9. Apple Raspberry Popsicles

Apple Raspberry Popsicles healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

Of course you need a popsicle on the 4th of July! This recipe is so easy to make and incredibly healthy. You really don’t need a bucket-load of ingredients you can’t even pronounce in your summertime sweet treats.

10. Grilled Peaches with Coconut Cream

grilled peaches with coconut cream healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

While you’re grilling your delicious bunless burgers, pop some peaches on the grill too! This dessert is the perfect tasty end to your absolutely awesome 4th of July party.

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10 healthy recipes for the 4th of july

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