10 Wholesome Sauce Recipes

I applaud the people who plan their healthy meals a week or even more in advance. That’s the secret to sticking to a healthy eating plan, they say. However, sometimes life gets crazy and it gets hard to plan ahead. What’s my secret to consistent healthy eating then? Sauce. Yes, sauce.

There’s nothing easier than cooking your choice of protein and/or vegetables and then simply adding a delicious sauce to the mix. It’s easy, and it tastes like you spent a lot more time cooking than you actually did.

If you want healthy eating to be easy, keep a few pre-made sauces in the fridge. Trust me. I have a handful of healthy store-bought sauces that I rotate, and then a few that are homemade (since not all of my favorite sauces, without any weird ingredients, can be found on the market). So stay saucy and make life easy for yourself by whipping up these 10 Wholesome Sauce Recipes…

1. Homemade Chimichurri

Pop some vegetables in the oven, sit back and relax until they’re done, then drizzle some chimichurri sauce all over your veggies, and there you go! Deliciousness.

2. Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Hot and spicy chicken wings, anyone? I’m in!

3. Mango Remoulade

Chop some veggies, throw some steamed or baked fish on top, pour some mango remoulade over the mix, and you have yourself a tangy, fruity, and flavorful lunch.

4. Six-Ingredient Tzatziki

One of my favorite Greek cuisine staples is tzatziki. It’s so light and fresh. This one is dairy-free and paleo-friendly. Whip up a batch and dip some meatballs in there. You won’t be sorry!

5. Real Restaurant-Style Salsa

For me, salsa never gets old. There are so many ways to use it!

6. Paleo Tartar Sauce

Paired with some crab or calamari. Hmmm…it doen’t get any better than that!

7. Cilantro Pesto with Cashew Nuts

Sauté some chicken, add it to a salad, throw a tablespoon of cilantro pesto in there, and you have yourself a tasty and refreshing salad.

8. Clean Thousand Island Sauce

You won’t find a healthy thousand island sauce in your local supermarket. This recipe is the way to go!

9. South Carolina-Style Mustard Barbecue Sauce

For an easy restaurant-quality tasty meal:

Roast some chicken in the oven until the skin is nice and crispy. Heat up some pre-made mustard barbecue sauce and pour it over. Done.

10. Homemade Avocado Oil Mayonnaise

A lot of clean recipes I come across online includes healthy mayonnaise. If you’re like me, looking for recipe ideas at the last minute, it’s always an immediate NOPE. 

Healthy mayo isn’t easy to find at all (and if it is, it’s not cheap). You have to make it yourself, and ain’t nobody got time for that at the last minute. So here is a recipe. Make some. Keep it in your fridge, and you won’t have to NOPE those delicious healthy mayo-including recipes again. 

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