7 Healthy Recipes From Around the World

7 healthy recipes from around the world

7 healthy recipes from around the world

I love experiencing the food of foreign countries. There are so many different flavors all around the world! You can tell so much about a country’s culture by their food. The options are endless and it’s truly something you can explore for the rest of your life.

I eat foreign cuisine quite often, and I like to keep things healthy while doing it. So I went through the Chirpy archives and found some of the best recipes from our numerous themed roundups. Then, I compiled this wonderful list of 7 Healthy Recipes from Around the World…

1. MEXICO 🇲🇽

Chicken Taco Soup

Chicken Taco Soup Healthy Low Carb Whole 30 Paleo Gluten Free

I will never forget the first time I had Mexican food. My sister and Cody took me to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my arrival in the USA when I paid them a (looong) visit in 2015. I was never the same. Now I can’t even imagine how I lived most of my life without it!

That’s why you’ll find a good deal of healthy Mexican-inspired recipes on Living Chirpy. We just love it! One of my personal favorites is this healthy Chicken Taco Soup (sans tacos, of course).

2. GREECE 🇬🇷

Spanakopita Meatballs with Tzatziki

spanakopita meatballs with tzatziki healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

One of my very favorite things about Greek food is tzatziki, a cucumber yogurt sauce. It provides a refreshing balance to the intense herbal flavor of the meat in this cuisine.

These delicious Greek-inspired spanakopita meatballs work incredibly well with the light and cool flavor of the tzatziki sauce.

3. INDIA 🇮🇳

Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala

paleo chicken tikka masala healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

Hmmm…healthy chicken tikka masala. Served with some cauliflower rice? Count me in! There is a noticeable Indian influence on the cuisine found in South Africa (where 2/3 of the Chirpy team hail from). I grew up eating curry, and there was a certain period when I was eating a samoosa every single day!

That’s why I love finding healthy versions of my favorite Indian dishes. It allows me to continue enjoying the delicious Indian flavors of my upbringing while also nourishing my body with healthy food choices!

4. JAPAN 🇯🇵

Paleo No Rice Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls

paleo no rice spicy tuna hand rolls healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

If I could eat sushi every single day for the rest of my life, I would do it. Unfortunately, all that white rice would never agree with my digestive system.

That’s where these riceless hand rolls come in handy. I still get to satisfy my sushi cravings without having to wreck my healthy diet. Dipped in some coconut aminos (an amazing healthier alternative to soy sauce) and I’m good to go!


Pad Thai Salad

pad thai salad healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

I’m always dragging my friends and family to Thai restaurants. I just can’t get enough. My favorite dish is chicken pad thai with extra peanut sauce (and by “extra” I mean I want my noodles to SWIM in peanut sauce). Not the most healthy food choice.

That’s where this pad thai salad comes in to save the day. I can have my Thai food and still be healthy!

6. ITALY 🇮🇹

Caesar’s Pizza Soup

caesars pizza soup healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

My love for Italian food has increased tenfold since getting to know people with Italian heritage here in the USA. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad Italian food, to be honest…

Here at Living Chirpy, we like making a soup out of anything that tastes great. Our Italian-inspired Pizza Soup is a personal favorite!


Bangers and Cauliflower Mash

bangers and cauliflower mash healthy low carb whole 30 paleo gluten free

I love bangers and mash (I grew up eating my fair share of British food as well). However, white potatoes are very high in carbs, so I only eat them occasionally. This keeps my insulin levels nice and stable.

What I love about this recipe is that it uses a healthy alternative – cauliflower mash! What’s better than delicious food AND stable hormone levels? Not much, I tell you. Not much.

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7 healthy recipes from around the world

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