My 5 Rules For Eating Chirpy


My 5 Rules for Eating Chirpy

I realised recently that I have maintained the same weight for the past 7 years [despite having a very fluctuating physical activity level]. It made me give my eating habits some thought. What I ended up with is this: “My 5 Rules for Eating Chirpy” aka Maintaining your weight and feeling great!

1. Stay mindful and eat only when you are hungry!

Listen to your body. Even if your meal tastes so good you want to gorge yourself – eat slowly and stop when you’re no longer hungry. Not when you are full. Switching off the TV and eating at the dining table will help with that.

2. Embrace earth! 

Banish the over-processed, over-salted and over-sugared stuff as much as possible. Your body will thank you.

• Unprocessed animal protein ✓
• Animal Fats for cooking ✓
• Nuts, seeds and legumes ✓
• Fruits and vegetables ✓
• Dairy (unprocessed cheeses, full-cream plain yogurt/milk/cream) ✓
• Herbs and Spices ✓

3. Water! Water! Water!

Drink AT LEAST half a gallon a day! If you are bored of the plain stuff, check out the drinks section for ways to chirp up your water.

4. Treat Yo Self 

Eating chirpy doesn’t mean restricting yourself 100%. Eat ice cream if you’re craving it. Order pizza if you’ve had a busy day with no time to cook. My one little rule: No more than one treat a week. 

5. Move! 

Get 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week!

Remember – everybody is different and that’s what’s great about life. This is what works for me and who knows, it might work for you too!


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