Healthy Breakfast Burrito

This is a recipe for a simple healthy Breakfast Burrito using clean, whole foods. It only needs 7 ingredients and 15 minutes of hands-on cooking time. Keto, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free.

Main Ingredients:

– eggs – mayonnaise – romaine lettuce – roma tomato – bacon strips – avocado

1. Mix eggs well with the heavy cream, salt and pepper while heating up a non-stick 10 inch skillet. 2. Melt a teaspoon of butter in your pan. Pour half the egg mixture into the pan. Be sure to tilt the pan around quickly so you get an even tortilla! Put a lid on it and let it sit for about a minute.

3. Shake the pan back and forth to see if the egg moves around. You can use a large spatula to help as well. 4. Flip the egg out of the pan and onto a paper towel. Repeat with the other half of the egg mix. 5. Spread the mayonnaise on the egg. Add filling ingredients and season with salt and pepper.

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