About The Living Chirpy Team​

No gluten, no sugar, no refined and overprocessed ingredients. Simple, fresh, and wholesome ingredients for simply the best food.

Living Chirpy is at its core a food blog built on the “healthy body, healthy mind” philosophy. When you eat well, you feel well or as we say “chirpy food = chirpy mood”. Creating recipes that use fresh, whole ingredients while staying mainly low-carb, we pave a way to eat a healthy, energized diet which in turn becomes the foundation of everything else and the path to “living chirpy”.

The Pioneers of Living Chirpy

Roché Woodworth

I’m 29 years old and grew up in Nelspruit, South Africa. After high school, I moved to the city of Pretoria to study Multimedia. A few years into my studies I changed paths and suddenly found myself in culinary school in Sandton – the complete opposite of what I had been doing! Soon after I was boarding a plane set for Florida, USA, for a culinary internship. This is where I met my husband, Cody. While caught up in a whirlwind of paperwork that left me unable to work legally in the USA, I decided to fulfill a years-long dream of food blogging. Fast forward a couple of years, me, Cody, and our baby boy Bo are back in South Africa, and our hobby blog has turned into a full-time job. Want to know more about me? Visit my site @ rochewoodworth.com!

Cody Woodworth

I’m 30 years old, born and bred in Virginia, USA. My main passions are photography, design, and being creative in general. I studied Digital Art & Design in Florida, before living and working in North Carolina for a couple of years. Now, I find myself in South Africa. I love living on the adventurous side of life through travel and exploration with my beautiful wife Shay and baby son Bo. Building Living Chirpy has been such a thrill for me, and it’s something we can update no matter where we are in the world – and that is something I truly am proud of! Want to know more about me? Visit my site @ codywoodworth.com!

Rozelle S.

I’m 24 years old and am currently working as an au pair in Washington, DC. I started playing the harp at age 16 and my music studies continued for a couple of years after school. Apart from music, I’ve always had a fondness for cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. My sister (Roché) and I have always dreamed about creating a food-related income source. We made a promise to each other that we’re a package deal – whoever starts something that turns into a success first would include the other one. My sister won the race! So here I am: Living Chirpy’s Idea Factory, Editor, and internet explorer finding the best recipes from other bloggers to include in our weekly themed roundups! Go check out my in-depth Whole 30 Review!

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