11 Keto Bread Recipes

I’m not really a big bread person. I could probably go the rest of my life without eating a slice of bread and I wouldn’t shed a single tear. So giving up bread when I did my Whole30 and moved on to paleo/keto wasn’t a big deal.

However, I know some of you LOVE your bread. Just like I like to make a keto version of chocolate brownies or cupcakes as a special treat once in a while, I know some people would like to do the same thing with bread! For all you bread-lovers, here are 11 Keto Bread Recipes…

1. Keto Cloud Bread

keto cloud bread

These are super simple to make and are a great alternative for burger buns. In fact, we just had some the other night!

( Find this recipe at The Primitive Palate )

2. Keto Coconut Flour Bread

keto coconut flour bread

If you like that subtle sweetness of coconut, then this bread is for you!

( Find this recipe at Leelalicious )

3. Garlic Butter Keto Bread

garlic butter keto bread

For an ultra special treat once in a while, this is an awesome recipe to make!

( Find this recipe at Eatwell 101 )

4. Cinnamon Almond Flour Bread

cinnamon almond flour bread


( Find this recipe at Cotter Crunch )

5. Easy 5-Ingredient Keto Bread

easy 5 ingredient keto bread

If you’re craving a regular ol’ sandwich, then this bread is the perfect alternative to your everyday white loaf.

( Find this recipe at Wholesome Yum )

6. Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

paleo lemon poppy seed bread

YES, PLEASE! I love anything lemon poppy. I’ll take one loaf just for myself, thank you very much.

( Find this recipe at Real Food with Jessica )

7. Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Bread

garlic parmesan zucchini bread

Vegetable bread?!

( Find this recipe at Kirbie Cravings )

8. Easy Keto Blueberry Bread

easy keto blueberry bread

I can imagine this served with a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon.

( Find this recipe at Low Carb Spark )

9. Cinnamon Spice Sweet Potato Bread

cinnamon spice sweet potato bread

With some butter on top and a drizzle of honey, this bread would be pure magic.

( Find this recipe at Sunny Side Ups )

10. The Best Keto Banana Bread

the best keto banana bread

Banana bread never gets old in my books. I’ll take three!

( Find this recipe at Delicrunch )

11. Parmesan and Tomato Keto Bread Buns

parmesan and tomato keto bread buns

Another alternative to regular buns if you simply MUST have bread with your burger (I’ve gotten used to bunless burgers at this point).

( Find this recipe at Keto Diet App )

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