11 Best Keto Turmeric Recipes

Turmeric is the latest superstar in the healthy living community. Whether it’s used to spice up a main meal or made to drink as a latte, I’ve been seeing it everywhere.

If you’re on board the turmeric bandwagon, then you’ll love these recipes I’ve found. Enjoy the many health benefits of this aromatic spice and take a look at these 11 Best Keto Turmeric Recipes…

1. Turmeric Chicken Soup

turmeric chicken soup

There’s nothing that makes me feel better than a good chicken soup. If you feel a little bit sick, this chicken soup is exactly what you need.

( Find this recipe at Our Salty Kitchen )

2. Keto Turmeric Latte

keto turmeric latte

I had a turmeric latte recently and they are delicious! If you love chai, then you’ll like turmeric lattes.

( Find this recipe at Peace Love and Low-Carb )

3. Lemon Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

lemon turmeric roasted cauliflower

This is a great side dish if you’re planning to make Indian food.

( Find this recipe at What Great Grandma Ate )

4. Creamy Keto Turmeric Popsicles

creamy keto turmeric popsicles

You can even take your turmeric in the form of popsicles!

( Find this recipe at Keto Summit )

5. Paleo Turmeric Chicken Meatballs with Green Tahini Sauce

paleo turmeric chicken meatballs with green tahini sauce

This easy meal is a great option for a packed lunch.

( Find this recipe at Ambitious Kitchen )

6. Turmeric Baked Tilapia

turmeric baked tilapia


( Find this recipe at Bright Roots Kitchen )

7. Lemon Ginger Turmeric Dressing

lemon ginger turmeric dressing

Use this creamy turmeric dressing on your next salad!

( Find this recipe at Tasting Page )

8. Coconut Curry Turmeric Chicken

coconut curry turmeric chicken

Yes, please!

( Find this recipe at 40 Aprons )

9. Turmeric Tahini Loaded Chicken Salad

turmeric tahini loaded chicken salad

This tasty shredded chicken salad is a great option for lunch!

( Find this recipe at Real Food Whole Life )

10. Warming Root Vegetable and Turmeric Soup

warming root vegetable and turmeric soup

If you need something to warm you up on a cold day, this tasty soup will do the trick.

( Find this recipe at G Free Foodie )

11. Turmeric Broccoli Chicken Roll-Ups

turmeric broccoli chicken roll ups

These roll-ups are tasty and easy to make if you’re short on time.

( Find this recipe at Food To Heal Ourselves )

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