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During my time when I lived in the United States, my stay-at-home weekend routine usually included an order of Indian or Thai food. These days, I try to stay on the healthier side by making my own Thai dishes at home.

Cooking at home saves a lot of money in the long run, and is way better for your health. Keeping things adventurous in the kitchen makes clean eating more sustainable. Take a look at these 11 Keto Thai Recipes to get some ideas…

1. Keto Thai Coconut Fish Curry

keto thai coconut fish curry

This delicious dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner!

( Find this recipe at Diet Doctor )

2. Thai Chicken Collard Wraps

thai chicken collard wraps

Make these for your lunchbox or for when you’re on the go.

( Find this recipe at Sweet Lizzy )

3. Easy Keto Thai Iced Tea

easy keto thai iced tea

Hmm…I’d love to make these creamy coconut Thai iced teas on a warmer day!

( Find this recipe at All The Nourishing Things )

4. Thai Grain-Free Beef Bowls

grain free thai beef bowls

Quick and easy. What more could you want?

( Find this recipe at Tasty Yummies )

5. Thai Chicken Curry

thai chicken curry

Thai curry is some of the best, in my opinion. Tasty recipes like these never get old.

( Find this recipe at Well Plated )

6. Thai Coconut Cauliflower Soup

thai coconut cauliflower soup


( Find this recipe at Sweet Lizzy )

7. Pork and Basil Meatballs in Creamy Thai Green Curry Sauce

pork and basil meatballs in creamy thai green curry sauce

These meatballs look absolutely amazing. And the sauce?! YES PUH-LEASE.

( Find this recipe at Meatified )

8. Paleo Chicken Pad Thai

paleo chicken pad thai

This veggie pad thai is a great alternative to the regular kind.

( Find this recipe at Wholesomelicious )

9. Pan Seared Thai Chili Scallops

pan seared thai chili scallops

These spicy scallops look so tasty!

( Find this recipe at Sweet C’s Designs )

10. Coconut Lime Chicken

coconut lime chicken

Serve this coconut lime chicken with cauliflower rice or on top of a salad.

( Find this recipe at Real Simple Good )

11. Paleo Thai Curry Meatballs

paleo thai curry meatballs

I know what I’m making next!

( Find this recipe at Empowered Sustenance )

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