11 Keto Recipes with Butternut

Butternut squash is one of my favorite winter vegetables. It’s so rich and hearty. Perfect for the cold weather! Since the majority of our Chirpy readers reside in the USA, I thought it would be perfect to look at the ways we can use this delicious vegetable.

Butternut is so filling, and it’s a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’ll fill you up and keep you nourished. If you need any ideas, take a look at these 11 Keto Recipes with Butternut Squash…

1. Paleo Butternut Sausage Stuffing with Apples and Cranberries

butternut sausage stuffing with apples and cranberries

This delicious recipe is a great option for Christmas!

( Find this recipe at Paleo Running Momma )

2. 4-Mintue Microwave Butternut Squash Chips

4 minute microwave butternut squash chips

Try this healthier alternative to chips when you’re craving something crunchy.

( Find this recipe here at Living Chirpy )

3. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

roasted butternut squash soup

My favorite soup is butternut soup, and this is such a great healthy option that you can make at home.

( Find this recipe at The Movement Menu )

4. Butternut Squash, Kale, and Ground Beef Breakfast Bowlh

kale butternut and ground beef breakfast bowl

Hmm, this is my kind of winter breakfast!

( Find this recipe at The Healthy Foodie )

5. Cajun Spiced Butternut Squash Zig Zags

cajun spiced butternut squash zig zags

The butternut squash fries are a great low-carb alternative to regular potato fries. They’re easy to make and have a lot of flavor!

( Find this recipe at Living Loving Paleo )

6. Chorizo Butternut Pizza Hash with Baked Eggs

chorizo butternut squash pizza hash with baked eggs

Another great breakfast option with butternut. This dish will keep your energy levels stable until the next meal.

( Find this recipe at Paleo Running Momma )

7. Sonoma Chicken Stuffed Butternut Squash

sonoma chicken stuffed butternut squash

I can’t wait to try this. This recipe looks delicious!

( Find this recipe at Fed and Fit )

8. Creamy Paleo Tomato Basil Chicken with Roasted Butternut

creamy paleo tomato chicken with roasted butternut

I absolutely NEED this in my life right now. Yum!

( Find this recipe at Paleo Running Momma )

9. Caramelized Onion Butternut Squash Crustless Quiche

caramelized  onion butternut squash quiche

Quiche is such a great option for lunch. It’s easy and delicious!

( Find this recipe at Physical Kitchness )

10. Butternut Squash Chicken Skillet

butternut squash chicken skillet


( Find this recipe at Primally Inspired )

11. Herb Roasted Meatballs with Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash Noodles

meatballs with brussels sprouts and butternut squash noodles

Yes, please! Butternut squash noodles are awesome!

( Find this recipe at Raising Generation Nourished )

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