8 Mouthwatering Salsa Recipes

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8 mouthwatering salsa recipes

I had real Mexican salsa for the first time at age nineteen. How I lived my life all that time without the magic of salsa, I don’t know. Luckily my salsa-less days are a thing of the past and this classic is now a staple in my diet.

Recently, while experimenting in the kitchen, I added an assortment of finely chopped fruit to some store-bought salsa I had. It was delicious and led me down a salsa rabbit hole which I still haven’t emerged from. I present you some of my findings – 8 Mouthwatering Salsa Recipes…

1. Real Restaurant-Style Salsa

real restaurant style salsa

Of course, we’ll start off with classic restaurant-style salsa. Perfecting a homemade salsa is a must. With just a handfulof ingredients, you can personalize your salsa until it’s perfect!

2. Avocado Mango Salsa

avocado mango salsa

Avocado and mango is a really refreshing flavor combination. This salsa would work well with grilled fish and coconut cauliflower rice.

3. Cucumber Salsa

cucumber salsa

Using cucumber makes a lighter and crunchier salsa. Topped on some roast chicken? Yes, please!

4. Pineapple Salsa

pineapple salsa

A salsa on the tropical side! Pineapple gives it a much stronger fruity taste. One of my favorite dishes at a Mexican place close to my house contains pineapple. The flavor works!

5. Balsamic Strawberry Salsa

balsamic strawberry salsa

This creative spin on salsa works well with salmon, and also with steak! The sweet strawberries and tart balsamic is a wonderful combination.

6. Jalapeno Peach Salsa

jalapeno peach salsa

Who says grilled chicken has to be boring? Take it to the next level and top it with peach and nectarine salsa, like the recipe above. Yum!

7. Roasted Summer Salsa

roasted summer salsa

Another flavorful classic. If you want to eat salsa as a dip and not a topping, plantain or vegetable chips are a great alternative.

8. Banana Pepper Salsa

banana pepper salsa

My sister introduced me to the wonder that is banana peppers when she insisted on having some on a pizza we ordered once. I’ve never looked back! Banana peppers give salsa delicious flavor.

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8 mouthwatering salsa recipes

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  1. Every Christmas we make jars of salsa to give to our neighbors with some chips.

    Now I’m thinking that we need to expand and give them a few salsa options and THESE recipes look great! ❤️

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