Keto Breakfast Burrito

This is a recipe for a simple Keto Breakfast Burrito using clean, whole foods. It only needs 7 ingredients and 15 minutes of hands-on cooking time. Keto, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free.

Keto breakfast burrito topped with fresh herbs on a black serving plate.

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This keto Breakfast Burrito is perfect for prepping. You can chop and fry whatever ingredients you’d like for your filling the night before, and only have to worry about the wrap when making breakfast.

Using whole ingredients for breakfast dishes is the best thing you can do to fuel yourself for the day ahead. Nutrient-dense protein and vegetables will give you the energy that you need.

You can make this recipe paleo-friendly by skipping the heavy cream!

Ingredients to make Keto Breakfast Burrito:

  • eggs
  • heavy cream (optional)
  • mayonnaise
  • romaine lettuce
  • roma tomato
  • bacon strips
  • avocado

How to Make Keto Breakfast Burrito:

  1. Mix eggs WELL with the (optional) heavy cream, salt and pepper while heating up a non-stick pan.
  2. Fry up the bacon and any other ingredients you want in your filling. Set aside.
  3. Melt a teaspoon of butter in your pan. Pour half the egg mixture into the pan. Be sure to tilt the pan around quickly so you get an even tortilla! Put a lid on it and let it sit for about a minute.
  4. Shake the pan back and forth to see if the pancake moves around. You can use a large spatula to help as well.
  5. Flip the pancake out of the pan and onto a paper towel to remove excess oiliness. Repeat with the other half of the egg mix.
  6. Spread the mayonnaise on the crepe. Add filling ingredients and season with salt and pepper.

how do you roll a breakfast burrito?

Rolling with an egg crepe can make the process a bit trickier, so feel free to get creative! You can use a toothpick or two to hold it all together as you eat.

how many eggs can I eat for breakfast on keto?

It depends on your macros. Since eggs contain almost zero carbs, you would have to eat a lot to go over your personal macronutrient ratios. At 8 grams of protein per egg, your daily allowance would have to factor in your body weight.

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Keto Breakfast Burrito

Top shot of an unfolded low carb breakfast burrito
This is a quick and easy recipe for a breakfast burrito wrap that’s as delicious as it is nutritious! Needs only 5 ingredients (plus your choice of filling!), and 10 minutes to cook. Gluten Free, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Whole 30.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Serving Size 2 servings


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp heavy cream (optional)
  • to taste salt
  • to taste pepper
  • 2 tsp butter
  • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 cup romaine lettuce (chopped)
  • 1 roma tomato (sliced)
  • 4 cooked bacon strips
  • 1/2 avocado (sliced)


  • Whisk the eggs well with the heavy cream, salt and pepper.
  • Heat up a non-stick pan to a medium heat.
  • Melt half the butter in the pan, and pour in half the egg mixture. Immediately tilt the pan back and forth to ensure the egg covers the entire base.
  • Cover the pan and let the cook for about a minute.
  • When you are able to move the entire crepe when shaking the pan back and forth, carefully flip it over with a spatula.
  • When it’s fully cooked, transfer to a paper towel to remove excess oiliness.
  • Repeat with the other half of the egg mix.
  • Spread the mayonaisse on the crepe.
  • Add the lettuce, tomato, bacon and avocado.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Roll and enjoy!



  • 1. It’s important to use a good quality non stick pan to ensure that the thin egg crepe does not stick.

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  1. 5 stars
    Made this just now and it turned out really good. Will make again. Ate one and wrapped the other in parchment paper and foil will eat warm tomorrow and eat.

  2. 5 stars
    I am not a fan of avocado by itself but I love guacamole. I took the chopped tomato, mayo, a squeeze of fresh lime and avocado for a quick guacamole. Really hits the spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Thanks.

  3. 5 stars
    I love this recipe. It’s a staple in our house and we love switching up the fillings every now and then.

  4. Hi Barbara;
    Your recipe is a hit with my husband! I find if I use my mixer to blend the eggs and cream, they come out fluffier and thicker. Also, I cook them in 2 to 3 TBS of ghee and after flipping it over, I remove it from the heat, put some cheese on it, and cover it until it’s melted. I then slide it out of the pan on to paper towels. One batch makes two big burritos. I roll them in clean napkins for easy handling, and pack them in a plastic box for his lunch. I mix up the filling too. His favorites are chicken sausage, trader Joe’s jalapeno, and cheese, or all natural bacon bits and cheese. Thank you for a great recipe ????

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Elise! I’m happy you liked the recipe. I will definitely try using my mixer to blend the eggs next time I make it:)

    1. I entered all foods in Livestrong my plate and it comes up to 6.3 Carbs per servings. The avocado making up 4 of those carbs.

  5. Hi I made this morning and it was delicious! I didn’t have heavy cream so I used whole milk and it was fine. I even added hot sauce at the end! Thanks for this wonderful low carb recipe!

    1. Hi Kari! With egg there’s of course always the chance of it drying out too much overnight and the avocado going brown, but I think if you wrapped it really well it might be fine. It’s worth a shot anyway, I think! I might give it a try myself sometime this week to test it out.

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