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One of the problems I experienced when I first started making healthy lifestyle changes, was the lack of healthy, compliant snack options. Anything I tried to find at the store had a lot of ingredients that I didn’t want in my body!

These days, I prefer to make a batch of healthy, keto snacks that can last me for the whole week. Take a look at these awesome collection of savory and sweet snacks that’ll make your healthy eating habits effortless. Here are the 11 Keto Snacks…

Savory Snacks

1. Spicy Tomato Toasted Almonds

spicy tomato toasted almonds

The spicy tomato flavor gives these almonds that extra kick!

( Find this recipe here on Living Chirpy )

2. Keto Egg Muffins

keto egg muffins

Make these delicious muffins on a Sunday, and you have a snack at work or school for the next few days!

( Find this recipe at Well Plated )

3. Blistered Green Olives

blistered green olives

Olives are a great healthy fatty snack to have at home when you’re craving something.

( Find this recipe at Instrupix )

4. Oven Baked Vegetable Chips with Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

oven baked vegetable chips with sun dried tomato hummus

Vegetable chips are a great option to have at home. Store them in an airtight container and you’ll have access to the babies all week.

( Find this recipe here at Living Chirpy )

5. Ground Beef Jerky

ground beef jerky

Jerky is one of my favorite snacks. Here in South Africa, we call it “biltong”, and sometimes it can be quite pricy. Making your own keto ground beef jerky at home is a great way to save. Also, sometimes the jerky in stores have all sorts of nasty ingredients that we definitely don’t want.

( Find this recipe at Wellness Mama )

6. Keto Seed Crackers

keto seed crackers

For all you crackers out there…

( Find this recipe at Claudia Canu )

Sweet Snacks

7. 2-Ingredient Gummy Bears

2 ingredient gummies

These are adorable! These antioxidant rich tea-based gummies are great for kids.

( Find this recipe at Keto Diet App )

8. Coconut Banana Paleo Cookies

coconut banana paleo cookies

Coconut banana cookies are my go-to when I’m craving something small and a little on the sweet side.

( Find this recipe at Skinny MS )

9. Keto Chocolate Macadamia Clusters

keto chocolate macadamia clusters


( Find this recipe at Keto Diet App )

10. Raspberry Coconut Candies

raspberry coconut candies

The raspberry coconut candies are easy to make and just the right size if you’re craving a sweet snack.

( Find this recipe at A Squirrel in the Kitchen )

11. Keto White Chocolate

keto white chocolate

I’ve always loved chocolate. My whole life. So parting with it isn’t really an option for me. Recipes like these, allow you to make your own healthy, guilt-free chocolate at home!

( Find this recipe at The Hungry Elephant )

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