Low-Carb Mexican Recipes

You will love each one of these Low-Carb Mexican Recipes, without even noticing that you are eating a healthier version!

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There are lots of awesome people that have recreated some of our favorites without the carbs! Even we have reinvented some of our Mexican staples.

Rice is a staple in Mexican cuisine and also a very difficult thing to give up when going low-carb. Luckily, the very versatile cauliflower makes a great alternative, especially if you spice it up real good!

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Low-Carb Mexican Recipes

Chopped Mexican Salad
This is an easy Mexican Salad Recipe thrown together in minutes. Made with corn, avocado and a very simple dressing, it’s a surefire crowd-pleaser. 10 Simple Fresh Ingredients, 15 Minutes. Gluten-Free and Healthy.
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chicken taco soup
Chicken Taco Soup
This is a quick and easy Chicken Taco Soup Recipe. Needs only 8 Fresh Ingredients, and 20 Minutes of Hands-On time. Gluten-Free. Keto. Low-Carb. Paleo.
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Stuffed Fajita Chicken
Stuffed Fajita Chicken
Easy-to-make stuffed fajita chicken features tender veggies, juicy chicken, and a savory filling that packs flavor into every bite.
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Keto Blackened Fish Tacos
A delicious and healthy alternative to traditional fish tacos! Try these Keto and low-carb friendly Blackened Mahi Tacos with cajun remoulade – served on crisp lettuce wraps for a satisfying and nutritious meal!
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Guacamole is not only a beloved part of Mexican Food, but also a healthy, nutrition-packed side or snack for anything. A topping for scrambled eggs in the morning or a seared chicken breast at dinner time! Even a to-die for dip for chips, any time!
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Keto Mexican Pizza on a Cheddar Cheese Crust
Keto Mexican Pizza on a Cheddar Cheese Crust
Top this Keto Mexican Pizza with all of your favorite taco toppings because they’re all fresh, naturally low carb and high fat which is perfect for keto!
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Mini Pepper Keto Nachos
Mini Pepper Keto Nachos
Who says nachos have to be made with tortilla chips? Mini peppers are a great alternative for your keto nachos. Delicious, easy, and kid-friendly!
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Spicy Mexican Cauliflower Rice
Spicy Mexican Cauliflower Rice
This is a classic dish in Mexico, but of course don’t call it Mexican rice in Mexico. They don’t call it Spanish rice either, it’s just “rice” or “red rice” thanks to its rather recognizable color. Cauliflower is an amazing vegetable because of its versatility. You can use it any number of ways…
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Mexican Zucchini and Ground Beef Skillet
Mexican Zucchini and Ground Beef Skillet
This low carb Mexican zucchini and ground beef recipe is a simple dish made with low cost ingredients. It’s an easy LCHF dinner recipe perfect for summer.
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mini cheese tacos
Low-Carb Mini Cheese Tacos
A healthy gluten-free take on tacos. Cheese taco shells with yummy toppings – great for a quick keto lunch. 9 Ingredients. 20 Minutes. Gluten-Free. Keto. Low-Carb.
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Ground Beef Lettuce Wrap
A simple, but delicious recipe for Lettuce Wraps With Spicy Ground Beef. Perfect for a light and healthy lunch. 10 Simple Ingredients. 15 Minutes. Gluten-Free. Paleo. Low-Carb.
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Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats
Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats
All the flavors of chicken enchiladas without the extra carbs from tortillas. These are so flavorful, perfectly filling and perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.
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Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice
A delicious recipe for Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice. A yummy side dish for any main meal. Only 6 ingredients and 25 minutes needed.
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Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas
Looking to add a pop of color and flavor to dinner tonight? Try these incredibly tasty Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas. Perfectly seasoned steak, peppers, onions and avocados star in this healthy dish. As easy as they are delicious, they will bring a perfectly balanced medley of veggies and protein that your whole family will enjoy!
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Chicken Burrito Bowls-21
Chicken Burrito Bowl
Enjoy this ultimate Chicken Burrito Bowl! With an incredible medley of chicken, avocado, black beans and more, you can have a restaurant quality taste but with all the healthy, wholesome ingredients you need. This is a meal planner’s dream as it checks all the boxes, simple to make, healthy, and unendingly delicious!
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  1. I’ve heard a lot of things about Mexican foods from my friends and I really want to try it too. I can’t wait to try these recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks appetizing! I have been craving for Mexican food. However, most of their dishes tend to be quite heavy on the fat and carbs department. Glad that I found these recipes!

  3. I LOVE Mexican food. It makes me feel guilty though after eating, so I am glad you shared these recipes! Now I am hungry for some more!

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